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Service Overview

Service Overview

Creating Content


  • Design

    Creating advertisement, web, and other designs.

  • Web Development

    Creating a web where information is organised from a PR perspective and is easy to see and spread.

  • App Development

    Creating apps in order to enrich communication.


Supports by gathering newsworthy information, creating PR content, structuring research methodology, research activities and analyzation. Also creates information graphics based on research data.

Spreading Content

Digital PR

Supports distribution of firm's product / service information in digital sectors such as online media and social media.


  • SNS Consulting / Operation

    Provides consulting on how to effectively use SNS based on understandings of features and characteristics of certain product / service. Also supports operations such as planning, representative content posting and monitoring.

  • Casting Influencers

    Supports casting of influencers who have a large audience on SNS, blogs and provides consulting on according influencer usage.

Message from CEO

Signal began by engaging in the word of mouth marketing and PR related business from its foundation in 2005. Ever since, we have provided numerous services in fields ranging from Client organisation PR, marketing, and communication. Our business field is very broad, covering from web development, creating campaign pages, and conducting events.
However, our broad business expansion did not happen simultaneously. It is merely a result of the pursuit of a policy that satisfies our clients and general consumers.
The environment that companies operate in and means of communication that companies should implement are changing drastically.
Signal has grown abiding with this drastic speed, and will continue to do so

Creating a world where all information is transmitted accurately through PR+α

In an environment that continues to change, based on this vision, Signal will continue to search for new means of communication and provide the best advanced marketing strategy in order to maximize clients' profit by staying one step ahead of environmental changes.
In addition, we will continue to contribute in creating a "society that is comfortable for the everybody, including clients and employees" by working together with our eligible employees, with a smile.

Signal, Inc.
CEO Daisuke Kusaba

Company Profile

  • Company name
  • SIGNAL, Inc.
  • Headquarters
  • Postal code 〒107-0052
    Akasaka garden city 18F 4-15-1, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
  • 03-5572-6068
  • CEO
  • Daisuke Kusaba
  • Foundation
  • December, 2005
  • Capital
  • 30 million JPY (As of May, 2011)
  • Shareholder
  • Vector, Inc.(100%)
  • Types of business
  • PR business
    Web marketing business
    Net-research business
    Photo book business
  • Executive Officers
  • CEO:Daisuke Kusaba
    Board of Director:Keiji Nishie
    Board of Director:Wataru Amano
    Board of Director:Keiji Matsumoto