Company Profile

Head office:
Akasaka Garden City 18F, 4-15-1 Akasaka,
Minato-ku Tokyo 107-0052
Representative Director:
Daisuke Kusaba
December 2005
30 million yen (as of May 2011)
Vector Inc. (100%)
Business overview:
Web marketing
Photobooks (Omakase Photobook)
Representative Director: Daisuke Kusaba
Director: Keiji Nishie
Director: Hajime Hasegawa
Auditor: Arata Miike

CEO's Message

Facebook, now used by over 10 million Japanese, switched from a student only service to being open to the general public in 2006, and launched its Japanese version in 2008. Established in 2006, Twitter now boasts 28 million Japanese users. Both companies were established after the creation of Signal.
Signal was established in 2005 as a specialist in word-of-mouth marketing and PR, offering PR solutions focused on blogs and other consumer generated media (CGM). However, as mentioned above, since that time the industry has changed dramatically.
When the unprecedented Tohoku earthquake struck Japan in March this year, many people recognized the strength of the Internet infrastructure, and its potential is also drawing our customers' attention. One by one, users submit the latest information of where they are to Facebook, Twitter, and blogs, and upon reading that, other users send information back to them; this is what social media is all about.
Original information is comprised of information from the mass media, information taken from the Internet, and the experiences related to what's going on around the user. We have entered into an era in which consumers can choose the information they want to receive, then alter it and retransmit it as they like. We have entered an era in which, if looking from the point of view of corporate marketing and PR, it is no longer possible to separate CGM and social media from the more traditional forms of media.
Signal (formerly Womcom) has been a pioneer in this field since 2005, and during this time has accumulated a significant amount of industry know-how. With that as one of our core strengths, from here on in we aim to put forward optimum marketing strategies, maximize our clients' profits and contribute to the creation of a richer society.

Representative Director Daisuke Kusaba

Services Offered

Social Media PR

Using a combination of the far-reaching mass media and multiple social media, we can raise awareness and recognition, as well as strategically develop online hype.

Blogger Relations

We have a network of over 1000 bloggers, 300 of whom have experience in the field of (unpaid) corporate communication policies.

Collaboration with online media including a range of blogging portals is also possible.

Influencer Casting

Collaboration with a wide range of influencers including alpha bloggers, content specialists, and model readers is possible.

As social media is often used as a news source, it is also possible to use them as a way to start distributing information.

Promotion via Social Media

We can implement projects which make use of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, USTREAM, and YouTube; the use of accounts and management consulting.

Website and Application Development

We can create a large range of websites such as corporate sites, online campaigns, and content for communication hubs.

We can design and develop a range of applications, including those to be used through social media sites.

Advertising Placement

We can provide support for planning and placing all kinds of Internet, mobile, and smart phone oriented-advertising.

We aim to maximize results based on a mix of PR plans.